Applying Is Simple

For all new students, there is a Quick process for enrollment:

1. Submit Background Check (Email to receive a link to complete your background check. Please state that it is for your CPSL application process.)

2. Complete Personality Assessment

3. Have your Pastor complete Pastoral Reference Form 

4. Submit your Application Fee of $40

5. Review and Submit GCU Application*

6. Review and Submit Application

7. Attain an academic degree course map (BRING UPON INTERVIEW)

Following the application process, you will go through an interview panel (this will be set up after applications have been submitted).

*It is required that you apply to our partnering school Grand Canyon University (see below for application). If you are already enrolled in a school of higher education and would like to continue pursuing a degree there, we ask that you provide a transcript for the most recent semester of enrollment. If you are applying to GCU, please contact our GCU liaison Ken Montgomery at 480-213-7173 for admissions.

GCU Application

You will first need to fill out an application for Grand Canyon University before completing and submitting the CPSL Application.

Submit your Application →

cpsl application

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Academic History
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