Copper Pointe School of Leadership Internship program is a 4 year program divided into two tiers: General Phase and the Apprenticeship Phase. Designed to complement a 4-year degree program, each phase lasts 2 years. All students entering into the school will be placed into the General phase and will be admitted into the Apprenticeship phase upon acceptance.


ACADEMIC REQUIREMENT: Pursuing (or having obtained) a 2-year (Associate’s) Degree

The General Phase is for all students entering into the first 2 years of the program. Interns in the General Phase will be placed on a rotation to serve in all ministry areas at Copper Pointe Church, experiencing everything from student ministry, to outreach, to weekend services. The goal of the General Phase is to expose interns to a wide variety of ministry areas and provide relevant experience in each area, with the ultimate goal of providing a clear understanding of where interns would like to serve in ministry long-term. Often, interns will enter into the internship with one idea of where they want to end up - and graduate with an entirely different idea! The purpose of this General Phase is to provide clarity and understanding of what it takes to make a career in that particular field of ministry. 

Once an intern has completed two years in the General Phase, they are eligible to apply for the second tier of the program, the Apprenticeship.


ACADEMIC REQUIREMENT: Pursuing (or having obtained) a 4-year (Bachelor’s) Degree

The Apprenticeship is for students who have been accepted into the second tier of the CPSL program. Each student exiting the General phase will have an opportunity to continue their internship and graduate into the Apprenticeship phase. Not all applicants to the Apprenticeship will be accepted as this is a competitive position, and acceptance into the Apprenticeship is contingent upon the student continuing their degree program to finish a 4-year degree. Students in the Apprenticeship are assigned a specific ministry area and staff member under which they will be mentored and developed for the remainder of their internship. The Apprenticeship provides one-on-one development and mentorship under the staff and Pastors of Copper Pointe Church. Additionally, interns in the Apprenticeship will be given ownership over a particular area of ministry to gain relevant and practical experience. 


The CPSL Internship is designed for students pursuing a 4-year degree program in partnership with Grand Canyon University. The Apprenticeship phase is intended to accompany the second 2 years of a 4-year degree. 

If a student enters into the CPSL internship and is currently pursuing (or has obtained) a degree program from an academic institution other than GCU, they are still able to participate in both the General and Apprenticeship phases, provided that they are continuing (or have obtained) a 4-year degree.


In addition to regularly scheduled Leadership Seminars, Public Speaking Labs, Practicums, Outreach Events, and Community Events, students will be required to serve in any and every area of our church, including

  • Special Events

  • Action Steps

  • CPKids

  • Production

  • Flourish Women's Ministry

  • Creative/Worship

  • Guest Services

  • Media

  • Outreach

  • Alpha/Small Groups

  • Wake College Ministry

  • TwoTwelve Student Ministry

  • Hospitality

  • Administration


Copper Pointe School of Leadership consists of experienced and dedicated staff who demonstrate a strong calling to train and equip others. Classes are not only taught by college professors, but we feel it is necessary for students to interact and learn from our pastoral staff.

CPSL Leadership Team


Pastor Galen Woodward


Robert Hostler


Justin Robertson

Bri Robertson

Beebee Gabaldon