Admissions Requirements


step 1 - application for admissions

  • Applications are found on our Apply Now tab

  • Non-refundable $40 application fee will be due before you submit your application

  • Attendance Type: "School of Ministry"

  • Campus: Copper Pointe School of Leadership

Internship application fees for the 2019-2020 school year are listed above, and there is a non-refundable application fee required with GCU applications. 

Students should also apply for federal financial aid online at the FAFSA website. Enter GCU's school code so that information is sent to GCU's financial aid office for processing. It's important to APPLY EARLY!

Step 2 - christian character reference

  • Applicants will need to submit a Christian Character Reference from a minister or church leader who knows them personally.

  • The reference can be requested online here

  • This is a different form aside your Pastoral Reference form to CPSL

step 3 - academic information

  • High School Transcript

    • Applicants must submit an official high school transcript showing the date of graduation and a minimum GPA of 2.0 from an accredited high school, or proof of high school equivalency (GED). High school transcripts must include the appropriate "college preparatory classes". In order to be considered official, transcripts must be sent directly from the high school to GCU.

  • ACT or SAT Scores

    • Applicants are required to submit ACT or SAT test scores from within the last five years. A minimum cumulative score of 19 is needed on the ACT or 1350 on the SAT. For students who would like to enroll but have missed ACT/SAT test deadlines. Applicants without the required placement test scores will not be allowed to enroll.

  • College Transcripts

    • Applicants that have enrolled in another college/university prior to attending GCU must submit an official college transcript from each school attended. In order to be considered official, transcripts must be sent directly from the previous college/university to GCU. Applicants that can transfer in at least 21 hours from an accredited university may be able to have the ACT/SAT test score and high school transcript requirements waived.

step 4 - copy of driver's license & complete ferpa form

In order to protect the privacy of students, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) form is required for every student. No educational record can be discussed by phone or in person with a student unless this form has been submitted. A copy of this form can be downloaded here.

step 5 - submit internship application

Application can be found on our Apply Now tab.